10 Fabulous Fall Read-Alouds

Two girls reading Fall themed stories

Temperatures are occasionally dipping into sweater-weather {I really mean leggings as pants} these days {hurray!}, so we have been pulling out some of our favorite Fall read-alouds. I am sure there are dozens more high-quality picture books and novels that are set {at least partially} in the Fall, but the ones listed below are some of the books that have found their way to our own shelves, and are the ones we return to again and again.

Tops and Bottoms – Just a beautifully illustrated story about overcoming hardships with clever solutions. It’s actually a pretty funny book (especially the illustrations), so my kids will come back to it again and again.

Ox-Cart Man – The story starts with a man going to market in the Fall to sell his family’s creations, and then shows how they use the money they’ve earned to farm for another year and how they make all of the items they sell at the market.

Sharing the Bread – My son loves finding the little boy in all of the pages and seeing how he is helping get Thanksgiving dinner ready, even though his only official job is calling everyone to the table. Best to read later in the fall when Thanksgiving is almost upon us!

The Canada Geese Quilt – A little bit of everything: new babies, grandparents, seasons changing, and finding one’s place in the family. Perfect reading when you’re focusing in on teaching what is most important in the early years.

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever – I passed over this book a few times thinking it wouldn’t have much merit, but it’s actually a great book to have on hand when kids are squabbling. Reinforces that we can do more together!

Little House in the Big Woods – Technically this book covers multiple seasons, so you could read it slowly over the course of fall and winter and it would match up with the seasons the family is experiencing. We love reading the descriptions of how they use the Fall season to prepare for the coming Winter. This is also my favorite Little House book for the littlest kids as it describes the girls working together with their mother (my kids know the chores they do each day of the week by heart!), and the respectful way they are taught to respond when asked to help.

Hurry and the Monarch – We raised Monarch Butterflies this summer, so we’ve been very interested in learning how the Fall butterflies fly South to Mexico for the winter. This story is fictional and includes information about when the butterflies return to the North as well! If you have any Childcraft sets lying around, there are also a few volumes in there that have wonderful information and illustrations.

10 Apples Up on Top – Not as fall-ish, but great if you’re already talking about apples! As a bonus, it’s been great as an early reader as well, and it’s very rhythmic like most books in the Dr Seuss series, so kids seem to memorize the words quickly with it. You could even count this one as a math read-aloud too!

Squanto’s Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving Day – Retelling of the story of the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving day. You could pick any of the Pilgrim stories out there, I just prefer this one because of beautiful illustrations!

Johnny Appleseed – We’ve read a few Johnny Appleseed books, and the ones by Steven Kellogg and Reeve Lindbergh are our favorites. We’ve always sung Johnny Appleseed as grace when camping with friends at Thanksgiving {which is in October here in Canada}, but it’s now our son’s favorite way to say grace anytime of the year!

What are some of your favorite Fall books to read aloud to your kids?

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