Girl reading Ox-Cart Man to a younger sister.

10 Fabulous Fall Read-Alouds

Temperatures are occasionally dipping into sweater-weather {I really mean leggings as pants} these days {hurray!}, so we have been pulling out some of our favorite Fall read-alouds. I am sure there are dozens more high-quality picture books and novels that are set {at least partially} in the Fall, but the ones listed below are some […]

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7 Character Building Read Aloud Books

Character can easily be learned through experiences and life lessons, and picking yourself up after failure is an important part of growing, but we don’t ALWAYS want our kids to be learning things the hard way, do we? My kids learn plenty of lessons through the natural consequences that come from their actions, but they’ve […]

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Why I Stopped Choosing a Word of the Year

I’ve never been very successful with the whole “word of the year” thing.  Sure I’ve tried a few times, but, without exception, at some point in the year the word I chose stops being the thing I really need to focus on. Has that ever happened to you? So, I’ve decided that I am going […]

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4 Must Reads for the Beginner Homeschooler

 Just beginning homeschooling? If you’re just getting started in homeschooling it can be overwhelming how many options there are in terms of educational philosophy and curriculum. Figuring out what kind of homeschooler you are and how you view childhood will help make all of the other choices easy.  You can find a great homeschool style […]

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