Dollar Store Homeschool Supply Haul

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The kids and I hit up the Dollar Tree for a little bit of school year prep and I wanted to share some of the items we got. In today’s haul, most of the items were organizing and paper supplies, but I took photos of a bunch of art and teaching supplies you may need as well.

A lot of people avoid the dollar store thinking it is all cheap and poorly made – and some of it is – but my kids can be rough on things still, so if it’s something meant to be consumable anyways, I’d rather save the extra money for books or field trips. If you haven’t been to the dollar store recently though, you may not have noticed how often they also have brand name items there for way less than Walmart. For a while our local Dollar Tree had Annie’s Mac and Cheese for $1.25 a box!

Anyways, here are the useful supplies I found on today’s trip.

Organizing and Planning

The weekly planner can have a multitude of uses. You can use washi tape to cover up the numbers along the side and write in student names, blocks of the day, etc. It’s magnetic and dry erase so you can post it on the fridge and use it over and over.

The student planner is great for older kids who can handle some daily or weekly planning with you and then be independent enough to check those things off on their own.  Or it would make a beautiful mama planner too!

Keep those supplies organized! Keeping pencils, markers, erasers, paperclips, stickers, and narrations organized can be a nightmare for a homeschooler, so organizers like these can be a Godsend.

Art/Nature Study

This is the book we use for our nature journals.  We do our sketching or painting on watercolor paper and then cut and glue it in this book along with a little write up. We always put it on the right hand side so that the pages don’t get too thick and are easy to turn.

Just a variety of art supplies. Watercolors, pastels, and pencil crayons (specifically the watercolor kind) are some of the best supplies to use when starting out, or you can use an empty palette with the paints you already have on hand at home.

Each of my kids have one of these magnifying glasses.  They are pretty heavy duty and have survived quite a few drops and falls.

Teaching Supplies

Clipboards can be used for nature study, chore lists, a hard surface on the couch, or anything else you need.

A blow-up globe is a total fun purchase, but it is also really useful if you don’t have a wall map or globe yet.

Pre-printed and blank word strips for teaching phonics or reinforcing sight words. We like to have a “____’s Wall of Words” for our new reader where we right down a new word each day that they’ve learned.


I’m not quite sure where to put this one, but I KNOW it could be useful for homeschooling (so I got one!).  It is index cards on a ring, with an elastic to hold them all together.

I wanted to share with you a great use for this rubbery shelf liner. Stabilizing tan-grams or plastic pattern blocks (we have these ones)! My kids hate when their design shifts with the tiniest nudge on the table, so this is sticky enough that nothing shifts but they can slide things around if they want to.

What Did I Get?

I didn’t end up getting every item I showed above, mostly because I have all of those items already, in one form or another.  The items I did get are almost all for organizing our supplies, or to stock up on something we are getting low on (chalk marker and graph paper). The blow-up globe was just for fun since we already have a spinning globe, but it will be great for when we are road tripping! 🙂 As a minimalist homeschool, I try hard not to bring anything into the house we don’t truly need, but we are also seekers of joy. I got the clear plastic organizers (even though I don’t have specific use for them right now) because they could be very useful in organizing the fridge too!

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