4 Cozy Fall Diffuser Blends for Learning

Diffuser, essential oils and pumpkins arranged for Fall.

I can’t possibly be the only one wishing Fall wasn’t this tiny season between sweltering summer and frigid winter. Occasionally we will have a Fall that lasts a full 3 months, but most of the time it seems we are half way through and there’s already been a blizzard, or we haven’t even left summer weather behind yet. Despite the warm, muggy weather that’s still brewing outside, inside I’m starting to switch out our summer decor and have been looking for some fall scents to start seasoning the air.

Since it is also back-to-school time for most of us, I decided to find some essential oil diffuser blends that would bring on the scents of Fall, while also helping us all to settle back into our school routines. We also do a bit of a Fall Clean and purge around here, so I’ve included a Fall-ish cleaning blend at the end.

The best essential oils for back-to-school time are Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Vetiver, which are all Kid Safe, as well as helping keep kids calm and focused. You’ll see these oils in all of the blends, along with the spicy and woodsy scents that signal Fall. 

Orange Spice Vetiver

5 drops Sweet Orange
3 drops Cinnamon*
1 drop Clove
1 drop Vetiver

Apple Pie

4 drops Immunity Blend
2 drops Sweet Orange
1 drop Nutmeg

Restful Afternoons

4 drops Lavender
2 drops Vetiver
1 drop Cedarwood

Autumn Deep Clean

3 drops Lemon
3 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Tea Tree
2 drops Lavender
Optional: 1 drop Peppermint {if kids are older}

New to Essential Oils?

I will soon have more info about essential oils and my own thoughts and practices on them under the ‘Essential Oils for Skeptics’ page at the top. Check back soon! 

{Short answer is: Always dilute and use as intended!}

Check out my favorite starter kit here, containing 14 oils (7 singles, 7 blends) that will cover almost all of your needs for a low price (but Pure and GCMS tested!).  I’ve recommended or gifted this exact set to a number of people and it seems to always be a winner. 
It doesn’t contain the Nutmeg, Vetiver, or Cedarwood, but those can be added to your stash later if you are just starting out, or you can buy them in smaller bottles to keep costs down now.

*Cinnamon EO can be unsafe with kids, so I never use it topically in blends on their skin. I do use it in some diffuser blends since I have no babies in the house right now, and only diffuse for 20 minutes at a time, but USE YOUR DISCRETION with regards to using Cinnamon Essential Oils around children. 

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