The Great North American Road Trip

Alright, that may have been a bit of a stretch. We are on a family road trip around parts of North America, and it has been pretty amazing, but we definitely don’t have the time or resources to see it all. Does anyone?

How Did We Get Here Anyways?

The short version is that we had another baby in May (a sweet little boy named Charlie – post to come!) and Craig has taken a paternity leave. Thanks to our Canadian EI system, he can take the full parental leave (35 weeks), but his employer tops up for 17 weeks, so that’s what he’s taking. We decided when we found out that we were expecting that this was a once-in-lifetime opportunity and decided to go for it.

A lot of full-time families sell their homes and travel full time for a year or more, but we are keeping our country abode and only road-tripping for about 3 months. I wish we could go for longer, but am VERY grateful we even have the opportunity to travel as a family at all.

The Plan

Truth be told, we started our trip weeks ago, but here are the details of the whole thing.


Ontario -> BC

Jasper National Park
  • See all prairie provinces
  • Camp with friends
  • See the Rockies
  • Swim the Pacific
  • Go to Tofino/West Coast Vancouver Island

BC -> California

  • Washington/Oregon Coast
  • State and National Parks
  • Tide Pools!
  • Yosemite
  • Visiting relatives
  • Disneyland!
  • San Francisco
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium

California -> Ontario

  • Joshua Tree NP
  • Las Vegas!
  • Death Valley
  • Hoover Dam
  • Grand Canyon
  • Kansas City BBQ
  • Michigan to visit Friends
  • Home!

Our Home on Wheels

Surprisingly, a lot of people have commented on how crazy we are to be going on a road trip like this with 4 young kids. We think they must be nuts! While certainly stressful and tiring at times, it’s also an unbelievable blessing to be seeing all of these things with our kids in tow. We look forward to travelling in our retirement, but we have a goal to see as much of this big world with our kids as we can. Who knows what the future holds!

That said, we can understand the sentiment that being stuck in a vehicle or small trailer together for long stretches of time could be kind of hell-ish. Sometimes it is. The 8, 5, and 3 year old are all together in the back seat and the fights (over nothing!) can sometimes be epic. But adversity can be the best teacher and hopefully soon they will realize that being kind reaps better rewards than the temporary gain of a toy or jab.

So, before starting this big family road trip, we traded in our 27’ travel trailer for a 5th wheel with a bunkhouse. The kids do share a room (and seem to enjoy it), but there’s more than enough room to get a little space if you need it. Even little Charlie has his own space. Below is a short tour we posted on our YouTube channel, but hopefully we can film a better one soon! {Remember to Subscribe for new videos!}

More to come!

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