Why I Stopped Choosing a Word of the Year

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I’ve never been very successful with the whole “word of the year” thing.  Sure I’ve tried a few times, but, without exception, at some point in the year the word I chose stops being the thing I really need to focus on. Has that ever happened to you?

So, I’ve decided that I am going to start choosing a new word whenever I need it. To reflect the phase or season of life that I am in, the ages and needs of my people, and the state of my own heart. Sometimes, the amount of time I need to focus on a principle or words is only a few weeks or months, but other times it may be a year or more. Feeling that I can be flexible and change my focus as need be (instead of trying to redefine how my Word of the Year applies to a changing life) works extremely well for my personality, and also for this Homeschool life.

Mercifully, my children don’t seem to all struggle with hard things all at once; the downside of this is that as soon as I think we’ve got one child back on track emotionally (because it’s always a heart issue), another one seems to enter a new phase where they need extra guidance. Since we are mostly TJEd and all of my kids are under 8 (Core Phase), the things we are focusing on right now in our homeschool is mostly character and work ethic development. All of these things can be trying, as can being home together all day. They mean that I am constantly challenged to work on my own issues and weaknesses.

My Word

My word/focus/weakness for RIGHT NOW is:


Gentleness in the way I speak to my family, how my body reacts to and receives them, and in how I treat myself.

Practically speaking, this is what a focus on gentleness means for my life right now:

  • a commitment to not yelling
  • a greater effort to see things from their point of view and being empathetic
  • building tools for managing anger so that I can actually do the above when behaviours or situations arise
  • attempting to to temper the sarcastic or teasing way I can sometimes interact with my husband
  • embracing and loving who i am right now, even if I’m also attempting to better myself

Have you ever chosen a word for the year? Was it something you were able to focus on all year?

Why not, right now in the middle of the year, pick a word that symbolizes what you need to focus on right now? Let me know how it goes!


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